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4G LTE Signal Booster Amplifier Kit - P/N: 5110 (only compatible with Seed Devices)

  • $250.00


[DISCLAIMER] - If you have questions about which device you have (i.e., is it 2G, 4G, etc.?), don't hesitate to reach out to

Note: Can only be used with Seed device.  Cannot be used with G9 or G10 devices

    • What is it?
      • This is to boost the carrier signal for all of Cantaloupe's 4G Seed Devices 
    • When should I use this?
      • If you have intermittent signals, this can help strengthen and increase signal reliability for your Seed Devices
    • How many machines does this booster work with?
      • Each signal booster will boost the signal for only 1 vending machine's Cantaloupe Seed Device
    • Should I get this for all of my devices?
      • If you have a lot of devices, we recommend trying this out with a few devices first to ensure optimal performance before purchasing for others