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Battery Backup - P/N: 5743 (only compatible with Seed Devices)

Battery Backup - P/N: 5743 (only compatible with Seed Devices)

  • $100.00


Battery Backup for Seed Verizon & Seed LTE devices.

    • What are is it?
      • The Battery Backup is designed to keep the Seed Telemetry device running in the event of a power loss (e.g., due to a storm)
    • What are they compatible with?
      • This is compatible with Seed Verizon and 4G LTE Telemetry Devices (the plastic case device)
    • What value do they bring to customers?
      • This allows customer to get alerts during power failure. For example, if you have a Temp Sensor, you will know that your product is too warm, or if you get a door alert, you'll continue to receive key alerts to protect your VMs
    • How do I install this?
      • Batter Backup 5743 plugs in to the Seed Telemetry Device's MDB port
    The battery accessory was primarily designed for use with frozen and cold food machines. If the power supply is removed (due to being unplugged or loss of power at the machine level), the red LED will blink for 2 minutes. The battery accessory will then keep the device powered long enough to send several power-off messages to our server, once every 20 minutes, until the battery is fully discharged. The battery accessory does not provide power to coin mechs, bill acceptors, or vending machines. If the server detects that Notifications for power outage alerts have been set up in the Web Application for Seed users, notifications will be sent to those users.

    Note – power outage notifications must be enabled in Seed web in order to receive notifications.

    The battery accessory is shipped fully discharged. It takes approximately four hours to fully charge. If the power source is removed from the battery accessory, it will discharge in 1-2 days, so it is not recommended to charge in the warehouse first.