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ePort® G11 Cashless Kit

ePort® G11 Cashless Kit

  • $219.00
  • Save $50

What's Included:

  • G11 Card Reader
  • G11 Telemeter

Enable cashless acceptance.

Our ePort® G11 kit is a modular cashless payment and telemetry solution that helps boost sales through offering flexible payments at your unattended locations.

Bring cashless payments to any environment.

The ePort® G11 kit is the industry’s first PCI compliant card reader and telemetry system supporting indoor and outdoor applications. By accepting EMV contactless, magstripe, NFC card payments, as well as mobile wallets, the ePort®G11 kit enables unattended retailers to better serve consumers all while capturing key transaction data required to monitor and drive machine performance.

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Order Terms and Conditions:

  • Commitment Period: 12 months from Billing Commencement Date. If Customer terminates any of the software services before the end of the Commitment Period, Customer agrees to pay the Early Termination Fee.
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