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ePort Card Reader

Saturn 6500 RF/Card Swipe Reader for ePort G8, G9, and G10-S Card Reader

  • $135.00

[DISCLAIMER] - This product only includes a card reader, for the full kit please contact your sales sales representative at 800-770-8539

This is an ePort RF/Card Swipe Reader that is part of a two-piece card reader and telemetry system.  This card reader will work with an ePort G8, G9, or G10-S Telemeter (For Seed replacement readers, please click here).  It supports magnetic stripe credit and debit cards as well as contactless, NFC payment solutions and mobile wallets.

NOTE: There is currently limited availability of this card reader.  Please call your sales representative at 800-770-8539 to purchase.

Some of the card reader features include:

  • Card Reader can be mounted in the standard bill validator opening or surface mounted separately up to 3 feet away.
  • Remote, over-the-air (OTA) software update capability.
  • Magnetic Card Reader with contactless capabilities accepting all traditional credit/debit cards.
  • Mobile wallet and NFC payments ready.
  • Compatible with Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and more.
  • Compatible with stored value, pre-paid programs.
  • Multi-use buttons for enhanced user interactions.
  • 16x2 LCD display and LED indicator for transaction status.
  • Bright, flashing blue attract LEDs™
  • Manufactured by OTI