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Shop the Better Than Black Friday Sale
Shop the Better Than Black Friday Sale

Temp Sensor for Seed Verizon/LTE - Flat - P/N: 5711 (Only compatible with Seed Devices)

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What are they?

    • Temperature Sensor that can/should be installed in cold food, ice cream, and combo machines.
What do they do?
    • Allows the customer to receive an alert when the temperature rises above the level set by the customer
What are they compatible with?
    • Seed Verizon/LTE Devices (plastic case)
    • For use in Fastcorp Machines (b/c round cable P/N 5712 is too thick). NOTE: Flat cable has less shielding and is easier to damage. Customers should take care during installation to avoid damage.
What value do they bring to customers?
    • In conjunction with Seed Office, helps prevents product/food from spoiling due to temperature changes