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Cantaloupe One for Go Mini Kiosks 

Cantaloupe One for Go Mini Kiosks 

Start your micro market business for $0 upfront with a Go Mini kiosk through Cantaloupe One.

Get started with Cantaloupe One. 

No upfront costs.  

When you get started with Cantaloupe ONE, you won’t be charged your monthly subscription price until the next billing cycle.        

Fixed monthly payments.  

With Cantaloupe ONE, your hardware and software costs are bundled with your service fees into a flat monthly rate. 

Full hardware warranty.  

What happens if a card reader or kiosk stops working or if there’s a new standard for devices? We’ll replace it for you, at no additional cost.     

Add-on services available.   

Not sure you need management software right now? No problem. With Cantaloupe ONE, you can choose what you need, when you need it. 


If you‘re a business owner seeking a user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) platform with a speedy setup that accepts cashless payments.

Starting at $125/month 

Benefits of this package include: 

  • Go Mini POS kiosk and service fees at one bundled monthly payment 
  • EMV, credit/debit, magstripe, mobile wallet, and loyalty program payment acceptance 
  • Go Mini Portal access to easily manage locations, promotions, and reporting 

Cantaloupe ONE Platform FAQ’s

  • What are the upfront costs?
  • What is the length of the subscription?