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ePort Engage

  • $239.00

ePort® Engage by Cantaloupe empowers unattended retailers to dramatically increase ease-of-use and engage their consumers in new ways through a vibrant touchscreen and powerful payment platform. Unlock new possibilities—from enabling consumers to pay with nearly any form of digital payment, edge-to-edge touch technology for seamless interactions, to security and anti-tamper protection so retailers can have peace of mind knowing their consumer and business is protected.

EMV Chip, EMV Contactless, NFC/RFID, Magstripe, Mobile Wallet

All-in-one card reader and telemeter, touchscreen, and payment platform

4G/LTE Connectivity; Edge-to-Edge Touchscreen; PCI PTS 5.X Certified Device; Anti-Tamper Security; Ultra-Fast Processing; VMS Integration; Remote Monitoring

Order Terms and Conditions:

  • Commitment Period: 12 months from Billing Commencement Date. If Customer terminates any of the software services before the end of the Commitment Period, Customer agrees to pay the Early Termination Fee.
  • Early Termination Fee: Early Termination Fee is the monthly service fee for each software service multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Commitment Period.